My eyes had a problem optical

So I reached the best hospital

The nurse admitted me with a smile

I will call the doctor in a while

I found the staff was very caring

There was a camp of eye donation, very daring

My old memories came as a flash back reel

Few years back, someone donated his eye to me

When I got my vision, a deed so kind

I found my boy friend was blind

I refused to marry be his wife

 As In darkness I had spent my life

He left me and said nothing

Though he wanted to share some thing

Now that I had all the vision and power

I had forgotten my past so sour

The bell rang I was called in

I saw the doctor sitting within

He observed me and gave some solution

Asking me to rest, as the best option

After all the care, I asked him the fees

He said our boss knows you, we at ease will charge nothing

Amazed I wanted to meet the boss

I reached the CEO chamber, no time lost

He was smiling and looking at me

He was my blind friend, I was surprised to see

An eye hospital owner, what an achievement

 I said take money for my treatment.

He said I have to care for your eyes you will be fine

Because before you, they were mine.

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