I am very busy working,

I have no time for shirking.

All moments of life are precious,

I will save each with effort conscious.

I stitch each good moment on my coat,

Wanting to spend them in later mode.

I day I will have all the time,

When I finish my work I will rewind.

Years passed by I kept on saving,

One day I thought I will check what I was having.

All pockets were empty with no moments,

I was shocked seeing the empty component.

Where have they gone,

I searched in dusk and dawn.

I have been working tirelessly,

Thinking of future amazingly.

I cried and tried to recall my memories,

Which had vanished in my worries.

Am I the same, called my inner voice,

You were now left with very little choice.

The mirror showed me all grey,

Young woman looking at herself in the mirror

As if someone had done white spray.

Age had taken over my self,

I had no one, I cried for help.

Reflecting my tiring past,

I have to live with moments fast.

I learned that we should life in commitment,

Enjoy every moment with fulfillment.

Happy woman on the sunset in nature in summer with open hands

Time waits for none,

Life with life with someone.

I am now living my life,

Enjoying Nature elements to survive.

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