Why are you so anxious?

Make effort conscious

Don’t get me wrong

But you be a little strong

Breathe in and just calm yourself

Make effort yourself, don’t take help

You should preserve your energy

Work and do exercise with synergy

The bad phase will pass soon

The sun with bright light will replace the moon

See all positive side and be relaxed

Avoid negativity don’t be tensed

Believe in yourself, and lesson learnt

See where you can change, in life spent

Control your feeling and heart

Use your brain to make a new start

Success is not always sure

Your efforts to overcome should be pure

Failure is the first step to succeed

Make your effort and exceed

Anxiety is only the mind

Remove it forever never to find

Learn ways to live happily

Share your joy fully not sparingly

Never loose hope

Learn in every situation to cope

Frustration and anxiety are two devil

They will always harm you as evil

So get ready to overcome all your emotions

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