I am amazing, I can do every thing
Let this be jingle for you to sing

You should be positive by choice
Don’t bother for negative voice

Celebrate your little work
Keep working hard never shirk

The tides are high and low and recede
Your efforts everyday will help you succeed

Make value addition everyday
Let people respect you and say

Enjoy your beauty and be kind
Live every moment let memories rewind

You are the creator, so make your destiny
Bring laurels to life as testimony

Grab every opportunity that comes your way
Enjoy people’s disbelief and dismay

Don’t compare yourself with others
This habit will frustrate you and bother

Never be rude or show attitude
Thank almighty and pay your gratitude

Remember past cannot be changed
So fence all negative experience as ranged

Be happy and smile a lot
Everyone will ape you as a contagious shot

You have to live your life alone
So no over thinking or sadness shone

Do not judge people and make opinion
Live your best as convenient

Many disturb you, when they entered
But you should be strong and self centered

Forget and forgive if they have done harm
You will feel relaxed with more charm

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