Again you had a fall

Come on get up don’t make yourself small

Don’t disbelief in yourself and be timid

Prove yourself with action rapid

Work every day as much as you can

You have to fulfil all your plan

Believe in yourself and be vulnerable

Ensure you prove you are capable

Don’t hide or hold yourself back

All your dreams will sack

Be a fighter and use your will

Fight and do your task uphill

You can never please everyone

There will always be displeasure for some

We don’t owe responsibility for all

You focus on your goals, take your call

Hurdles are bound to come on your way

Be confident, don’t bother people’s say

Trust your inner strength and power

Leave the negative people they are sour

Live your life with trust and integrity

It’s your power your sanctity

Paint your canvas with colours of your choice

Enjoy your life always rejoice

Motivation is a daily dose

It keeps your goals always close

Improve your present from yesterday

It will build your future everyday

Your life can be magical

If you avoid all negativity surgical

You will be amazed with life incredible

So much to do, finding yourself capable


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