Bringing life on track

Oh! I want to bring my life on track

I have joined by duty I am back

Life seemed to be scattered

The piles of brick rubble, stone and concrete rubble. Remains of the destroyed industrial building.

I have to pick million pieces littered

In this transition period of life

Holding the roller coaster to survive

To overcome rough phases

Juggling and jingling various cases

Always we get stuck in a rut

 Because we believe the feel of our gut

As we come to our normal self

We look for our peer’s help

We should cut the hedge and make our way

Fence all regrets, nothing to say

Believe its a period of transition

Overcome all with humble submission

The journey of life has many halts

Let’s stop for a while seeing our faults

The rough patches will fade soon

Nothing is permanent its known

Be calm and let the storm pass by

Navigate slowly and breathe with a sigh

Let no machine syphon your strength

You can climb and swim all length

Embrace the situation and the change

Face it boldly from all the range

Fight all the life’s discomfort

Making life easy with your effort

You are brave you should use your wit

Promise yourself never to quit.