CANVAS by Dr. Sangeeta Saxena

I wanted to paint on a brush.

Which colours should I splash?

Should I paint blue sky?

But the sky said I am too high.

Your project will not see completion,

As I am suffering from ozone Depletion.

I tried to paint stars bright,

But with pollution they were out of sight.

So I started shades of green for tree,

It said don’t paint for tomorrow you not see.

We feel very annoyed,

As we will be cut and destroyed.

I tried to paint shades of blue,

But the sea whispered a clue.

We are no more clean and pure,

With floating plastic, waste and manure.

I started painting lion with distinction,

They pawed and said we are towards extinction.

My state was of utter confusion,

And the colour shades were in diffusion.

I thought my idea will sack,

With a mix of images all in black.

This is the picture of the 21st Century,

With no bird or animal sanctuary.

Smudging all colours, my brushes sweat,

Seeing the future my eyes wept.

We should try to save the mother earth,

And paint the canvas which is worth.

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