What are carbohydrates?

Why do they increase weight?

They are sugar, starch of all kind

In every diet you will find

They provide fuel to our body

Giving us energy sturdy

Eat good carbs such as whole grains

They will give you tonic for our brains

The vegetable, legumes are good nutrients

They fill your belly with such supplements

Avoid sugar, corn soup, white sugar

They will increase sugar you loose vigour

High – glycaemia food increase heart disease

Your life will be safe and full of ease

Carbohydrates are important for mental health

So eat moderately to reduce anxiety and better health

Carbs also helps to sharpen your memory

You can, remember and recall all story

Good carbs are whole grains

It reduce your weight gain

Remember carbs are needed for your life

Eat adequately so that you survive

Carbs are important contents of diet

Just remember you eat them right.  

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