Change your life and your priorities

What kind of change are you looking for?

Forget your painful past which is sore

You should work for a cause

Not just getting appreciation and applaud

Why are you entangled in self betrayal?

Thinking others will be loyal

Emphase your life in appreciation

Stop seeking the others validation

Go through the litmus test

Use microscope to find your best

Learn every chapter of your life

See the clue given to survive

The garden of experience has various flowers

Weed out bad elements and relation sour

Relearn what was taught and forgotten

Eliminate the lines which were wrotten

Magnify all your strength with you screening

Strengthen all your power by wearing

Remember the base is always strong

Review what went wrong

Rebuilding yourself will create confidence

Never to shatter keep in remembrance

Life keep changing, yet its amazing

Have the strength keep facing

Never belittle yourself and your achievements

This creates self doubt and your sentiments

Keep learning from all your failures

businessman lost his luggage at airport

They are always your saviors

Let your life move seamlessly

Pause and enjoy all the colors vibrantly

Release all toxins from your mind

Be positive, rewind, redefine all will be fine