Often I feel I have done enough

Without realizing life is so tough

But strange, I don’t improve

All malpractice silently approve

Think of the little boy selling toys

Never thinking of sending him to skul, poor boy

When I wear the expensive dress

I don’t mind seeing female beggar in less

I pay a heavy tip in hotel

But bargain from vendor of vegetable

Nor do I pay a penny to boy who clean the car

The uneducated boy, should leave in your life a scar

If we misplace our things at home

We doubt our poor maid with loan

Often in train we order the tea

And the train moves without payment ignoring plea

Best is when we see a huge queue in temple

We take VIP pass and we satisfy ample

Seeing plastic on roads we roar

It’s all govt job, not ours for sure

Often we witness innocent beaten on roads

For a theft of bread, the crowd loads

Are we the human God Created?

When will we change from being cheated?

Many time we feel guilty best is volatile

We pause for a minute, but then smile

These are all ill – fated sufferings

We are not responsible its stated

Come on wake up and do some charity

You are fully responsible, have clarity

The more you give the more you live

Stand tall, honest man do not crib

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