Today is 14th November, 2019, we are here to celebrate Children’s Day,

Elders, please do let us celebrate in our way.

We are no more small,

We can climb every wall.

Stop using us as child labour,

We want to study and be clever.

Do not decide our future alone,

See the ability we have shown.

We can excel in all our work,

Oh parents, we never shirk.

We have dreams of our own,

We are a team, no more alone.

Do not pamper us as if in cradle,

Oh teachers, we wish to gallop in the saddle.

Trust us and give us duties,

We are not anymore small with dimple beauties.

The other day, I took Dad to the hospital,

And cooked food when Mother was unable.

I spent some time with Grandpa and Granny,

Gifted them specs from my pocket penny.

I anchored all functions at my school,

Oh Dad and Mom, I follow all rule.

Yesterday I helped my Sis with her project,

Struggled hard to research her subject.

Mom, I understand Pa works day and night,

But now I don’t demand anything no fight.

Gone are the days when I was young,

Now I am an adolescent with my song unsung.

Please hear my flute and hear my voice,

I am calm, yet excited on every choice.

Assuring all elders, we shall never go wild,

This 14th November, you will love every child.

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