Mom its Christmas again

New clothes new gifts, new energy regain

I never forget all that you did for me

Stuffing the socks with sweets you see

The lovely Christmas tree was full of gifts

I broke them, ate chocolates swifts

In church you took me in my new outfit

Enjoying the carols in church I sit

Snow covered the trees and our house was cold

You made me cosy, saved me from winter old

The donut and cakes were so delicious

Your love always was so precious

My friend envied the cake you baked

I had to share all for your sake

How I transformed from an infant to man

You made be grow into a gentleman

Santa came on the eve of Christmas

You were clad in red and white without fuss

Distributing gifts and lovely sweets

The bag was full and my friends you meet

But now as I come home from winter chills

Person walking two dogs in distance of snow scene.

There is no tree no Christmas frill

My socks is without any gift

Oh Mom come and fill it swift

My Santa where are you?

It’s Christmas why should I remind you

Dolly shot of a young man drinking a tea by the fireplace on Christmas night.

I opened the lock of my mother’s room

Lit the candle and light soon

The wall had my Santa Mom

Who had left never to come

I knelt in prayer for her peace

She smiled and blessed me with a cake piece

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