I love the rain, I love the rain

Its hides my tears, when I am in pain

Its difficult to say all is fine

When I am hurt deep in spine

Every moment my blood flow

But keep a smile in a row

I want to shut in an iron wall

No visions please no more call

Afraid of my fragile lie

It can break, if a friend can try

Don’t mock, don’t laugh

I have hidden my face in a scarf

I was always wanting someone to break my mark

Searching for a good soul is a difficult talk

In this rat race

Who care what is your face?

Often I wonder who has my magic wand

Still looking for a friend, I am fond

Every sunshine bring some hope

Smiling, concealing my pain I cope

People come and people go

My life moves forward with speed slow

Oh! moon you always have a silver living

When will I have life all shining

You always stare

I think you too don’t care

Again a sleepless night awaits

One day it will change, I know my fate

Tomorrow will be new sunshine

In my life all will be fine

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