Diamonds don’t break

I am a diamond precious and rare

When people wear me everyone stare

I was a black coal once upon a time

I was under the pressure but now I am fine

I am the hardest and rarest of all

Reject me or accept me its your call

Even when I was in dark caves

I will change one day my heart says

People come with painful machines

Twin turret mobile drilling machine working in underground copper mine.

They dug me, a smile I had seen

It was difficult to leave my comfort zone

I was now in the hands of people unknown

They weighed me and hit me hard

For months I lied in their backyard

I could hear their discussion

I was undergoing drilling and suction

The layer was cleared and I was bright

The owner hold me sparkling in his had tight

I went through the pain of chiselling

Every pain changed me as diamond sparkling

So don’t consider my life full of leisure

Oh! I have attend this with lots of pressure

I know now I am new

A priced possession for very few

I may be placed in a crown of a queen

Often in the necklace of rich I am seen

Learn from my life some lessons

Never underestimate yourself with value lessen

If you decide to pace the world

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You will be a winner like diamond and emerald

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