Don’t worry about future

We often wonder what will happen tomorrow

Anxious live have fears to borrow

God has always saved us in past

Oh we have his blessing vast

He will protect us from all suffering

We should not doubt his offering

Even if its our testing times

He will give us strength divine

So enjoy your present and live in peace

Buy all happiness with no fees

For god will bless you from heaven above

Learn to take it as blessings and his love

Be strong to bear the storm and tempest

With your connection you can be strongest

While you walk on fields and garden

View the green grass and fruit trees laden

You have the power to live the life

Overcome all handles and you survive

Do the work bestowed upon you

Hem all sorrow, stitch and sew

The rising sun is the symbol of energy

Giving you another day to live with synergy

Wondering how beautiful is the earth?

All these are for you, know your worth

The power to think and have your emotions

Feel the love, no more commotion

The past is gone and shall never rewind

Live your present with fresh mind

 Tomorrow is surprise from our creator

He will recreate as a story narrator

Present is awesome, enjoy every day

Don’t worry for future, past good bye you say.