Mother what is election,

            It’s a process of leaders selection.

One has to file nomination,

            And process through election commission.

Read the manifesto they wrote,

            Choose the best candidate and vote.

The best becomes the PM

            And others become CM.

At times the citizens feel cheated,

            And opposition is party defeated.

But it is all in the game,

            Our condition remains the same.

The winners are on the sky,

            Our commodity rate is high.

The leaders are influential,

            Rate of things are high not satisfaction.

They get the lion’s share,

            Once elected they don’t care.

They have no shame no smile,

            To listen to common for a while.

No house, no light, no water,

            How we live is not their matter.

In five years we are victim of deceit,

            All leaders promise and cheat.

We have no choice,

            We cannot rejoice.

We will live in poverty,

            They will enjoy authority.

Country can move the progress wheel,

            All black money in their locker seal.

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