Embrace the storm of your life

Embrace the storm of your life

Remember to follows the rules five

First is to leave fear

Sit on the driving seat and steer

Change your life and write new story

Boast of your inner strength and your glory

Second is always to remember inspired

With failures learn to win and aspire

Don’t let your life complicate

Simplify the woven problems, solution you validate

Third is to like as pause

Don’t get angry, don’t argue for a cause

Let people understand and stay

You keep your presence along and pray

Don’t expect miracle and wait

Make your way and opportunity you create

Fourth aspects teaches nothing grows without rain

Embrace your problems, and count your gain

Last is to change your attitude range

Its like a flat tyre which can only move when change

Walk with confidence like a warrior

Don’t complain, don’t be a worrier

Don’t even repeat a mistake

Its like taking decision, destroying own sake

Positivity is always a super power

Work hard, be focused, raise your bar

Remember if you don’t face challenge

It will not teach you, you will not change

Try your best to run the day

Or the day will run you, I can say

You know difficult roads leads to beautiful destination

Craft your life with best aspiration

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