Emotional Tree

Emotional Tree

I am a neem tree tall and strong

Oh these winds can do no wrong

The Air blows high and it seieves

Breaking my branches and my leaves

The air is also breaking my barks

They are attacking me as the sharks

But I will still stand confident

Spreading my branches radiant

Every fruit that I bear will fall and grow

Oh wind you only help me to sow

Why should you be so angry and wild

I am the shade for every child

Hit me as much as you can

My roots are deep no harm you can

I was seeded with conviction

No force can get my eviction

Every drop of elixir from mother earth

I have soaked I know it’s worth

I have witness  hail and tempest

With my strength  I have won conquest

My roots are so deep rooted

They nurtured me I was well rooted

My body is now to fight the war

I witness people shoot the star

Its all about the training I had

Dear Air don’t be sad

Together we can change the world

Your particles will germinate all seeds like herald

You are full of oxygen we inhale

Help me to produce more, don’t fail

The planet will be greener and worth living

Do your best, learn the art of giving

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