Flip your life

My life was always testing me

How brave I was it wanted to see

I had gone through the toughest time

But I faced it with moral mine

Focusing setback and various failure

But I navigated as expert sailor

I continued my journey with all progress

Trying hard to get all success

There were days I had nothing to eat

But kept my calm, hunger I defeat

I had no future, I was not sure

But I kept my pace, to reassure

I did not believe in past but present

Being a subject of pity I always resent

Let no circumstance make me a prey

I will fight and fly, learning people in dismay

I want to flip the script of my life

Be a hero always and survive

If we brood and become a victim of pity

It becomes our habit and remains in kitty

We all have come for a purpose

So all failure we should dispose

Elevate our goals and jump little high

One day we will shoot the stars in sky

Create every day’s routine as positive

Rub all in life that is negative

Vetting your success story is an art

Bring laurels in your cart

This is the most important prescription

A person can lead with conviction