We all wish to look fit and slim, so let us start our day with some Lemon Water. Take a glass full of lukewarm water and squeeze a lemon into it. Add a spoonful of honey (if not diabetic)…………………..and see the magic

It is a known fact that water is the best beverage. Adding lemon to it makes it a whole lot healthier and tastier. Lemon water makes your skin glow, keeps you hydrated, makes you feel more energetic and improves your digestion. The reason for these important qualities is that Lemon is very rich in Vitamin C.

There are various other ways to make Lemon water. If you add a little mint and cinnamon powder to Lemon water, it helps in eradicating Diabetes to a vast proportion. A simple way of having Lemon water is to cut thin slices of lemon and put them is a bottle filled with water. Drink this water throughout the day whenever you feel thirsty.

Lemon is adjudged as the king among citrus fruits.

A lemon tree looks so beautiful and spread a very sweet aroma when flowering.

Lemon has a good flavor and is rich in medicinal qualities. Being rich in vitamin C, it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and is a very good detoxifying agent.

Lemon is genuinely considered as the best remedy for weight loss. Apart from this magnanimous property, some others are:
Rich source of vitamin C,
Refreshes your mouth,
Keeps bad odor away,
Keeps your body hydrated,
Very refreshing,
Helps in digestion,
Whitens your teeth,
Reduces risk of heart disease,
Reduces risk of anemia, kidney stones.
Reduces risk of Cancer.

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