I was wanting to achieve my goal

But I was not aware of my role

Every time I wanted to achieve a target

I was far way I regret

Then I saw the preaching of a person

He encouraged and reassured with reason

Positive goals are achieved everyday

We are near the goal and far from yesterday

Learn to pen point your arrow

You will hit the bull’s eye no sorrow

Don’t compare yourself and criticize

Gulist your qualities to apprize

Believe in yourself to move ahead

No frustrate no need for tears shed

Read more to gain knowledge and learn

Apply in life to relearn

Everyday meditate in solitude

Talk to yourself with an attitude

Don’t celebrate success before hand

Keep secret of your work till the end

Remember the seed is deep rooted

It have makes loud it will be shouted

Slowly it adapts and absorbs

Keeping its future concealed no one rolls

Listen to other to know more

Speak less, success is for sure

When you are sure do the surgical strike

You work will be appreciated with a spike

Success is a costume for people with conviction

Who knows their work and goal prediction

Learn from failure for better success

Attempts more, use all access

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