When you walk into a situation odd

You are scared, with pain in umbilical cord

You are unable to bear

Holding to yourself, nothing to share

Remember the coal pressure to be a diamond

You must have seen caterpillar transform to butterfly around

Fight with your circumstance

Face bravely all instances

In some boiling water potatoes are soften

But it harder the eggs you have seen often

Life treats you as you take

Welcome challenges, strategy you make

Try to forget your past

Remember the lesson learnt vast

Live life with positive mind

Learn the technique to move forward don’t rewind

Remember fear is for sometime

But if you leave opportunity you regret all the time

When you try know your strength

Try to swim enjoy life’s length

Take every list with best action

Success comes with best reaction

Push hard and leave all sorrow

With your efforts you will have beautiful tomorrow

Come on you have a future brighter

You have faced all odds as a fighter

God will hold your hand in all your role

He loves his children and innocent soul

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