In olden time we celebrated diwali

With sound full of crackers in a trolley

Now we realize how it harms

These crackers have now lost its charm

Pledge to celebrated diwali green

No pollution in air make it clean

It was a festival of lighting lamps

Use earthen pots my little champs

Plant should be used as gifts

This will change people’s mind shifts

The greener the environment the better future

Full of oxygen and bright nature

It’s a victory of good over evil

We will avoid crackers saving people

Don’t buy new clothes donate old

Save poor people from this cold

Avoid hoarding sweets at home

Share sweets in slums for some

Don’t visit your richer circle and feel glad

Visit the sick in hospital bed

Donate some money to needy

Lets not keep all for ourselves as greedy

Believe me you will forget your pain

Your friendly gesture to help will not be in vain

Help a person to wipe his tears

See the lovely smile in return he wears

Green diwali indicates life

Cut all pollution with a knife

Meet old people and take their blessing

Help them live their life as you offering

When the poor boy will eat and earthen pot lit he see

That will the best Diwali for you and Me

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