What is the importance of Human Relations?

It is pure love full of confessions.

When you are alone, you can only smile,

But if you meet friends, you laugh for a while.

If we say we stay alone,

We talk and laugh together with known.

At times, we enjoy our own company,

But we celebrate with friends symphony.

Human relation is to be together,

Birds of same feathers flock together.

We are a social being so we need help,

We cannot survive alone with self.

Relations are stitched together with emotions.

Feel and enjoy, no commotion.

If you hem good bonding with others,

Anxiety, frustration will never bother.

You know, even shadows leave in dark,

Why opt to be alone like a tree bark?

When you go for a morning walk,

You see unknown faces, they smile and talk.

Communication is a bridge of strong bonds,

Use it for a positive purpose strong.

Your reactions will change your world,

Meet and greet people no reaction uncurled.

The body language can depict the warmth,

People will feel happy with respect and worth.

When you are happy, sad or in anger rage,

You will find people in all life stage.

Your good gestures will always resonate,

You will enjoy company without any wait.

The organ tongue plays a key role,

Speak well and bless each soul.

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