I AM A GIRL………..

I am growing into a beautiful girl,

Oh dear!! My face glows and hair all curl.

I feel the changes in myself,

Now I can work independently without help.

The school bag contents have changed its weight,

I have to carry big books eight.

All teachers expect me to excel,

I have to work hard and propel.

But many times I hear a voice,

Be alone, stay away from this noise.

I enjoy few lovely moments,

Taking selfie with some monuments.

Often the course I read goes haywire,

I have some dreams and some desire.

Will I be a successful person?

But right now course is cumbersome.

I love to see the mirror often,

My attitude for life is now soften.

I enjoy the compliments from everyone,

But I am looking for special someone.

More time is spent on mobile,

Am I wrong? I feel guilty for a while.

I confessed my feeling with my teacher,

She smiled and was a good preacher.

All girls grow in the similar way,

Do not be afraid, if people say.

women said, woman listening to gossip

Be confident and calm and work on your goals,

Enjoy the change in you and your role.

Girls are gift of God in every home,

Parents love you, as blessing for them.

Take a step forward and get recognition,

With confidence you will reach your destination.