We all have to struggle everyday

But the storm will come and pass away

 Don’t lose your peace and calm

Oh the life is full of love and charm

True you suffered in your past

But you faced it with strength vast

Someone helped you sail though

You will reach the shore you always knew

Why are you tested all the time?

You often wonder, unable to find

You are the most adorable one

Believing in you, not in some

Everyone has this share of storm and joy

We all go through all girl and boy

Remember there is autumn and spring

Both play their role, joy they bring

In this stage of life people often judge you

They don’t know half about you

Don’t let their opinion change your goal

Keep trying hard and play your role

You are the best player in life’s match

You will bat the century, without a catch

Never think you have to quit

Be focused on your wisdom and your wit

One day you will prove your mettle

Your enemy will have to finally settle

So be what you are with no change

Positive attitude with no exchange

Write your success on every page

Perform your best on life’s stage.