In the dark, I thought I was buried but actually I was planted.

It was dark and deep,

I could felt messy as I sleep.

Has my life come to an end?

My toxic feeling, disbelief had message to send.

The ground was moist, I saw some wriggling creature,

They were happy, moving with energy, a rare feature.

I was encouraged by my neighbourhood sound,

I realized, I was not buried, but planted around.

I dressed peace over panic and faith over fear,

Wisdom over worrying, ready to grow and share.

Not a single minute waste,

I wanted to live my life, now in haste.

Grow through what, you go through,

Reforming yourself to get through.

Remember life does not have a remote,

Get up, change yourself, make your quote.

Utilize every minute of your life as ceremony,

You can only spend once, no balance, its bankruptcy.

Utilize time with all energy and rigour,

Grab all opportunities and show successful vigour.

Be yourself and live for the purpose of life,

Remove all negativity and absorb positive vibes.

The darker night, the brighter is the day,

Walk into the dark tunnel, at the end you will find the ray.

Its your perception how you see the difficult times,

See a rainbow after every storm that shines.

Remember difficult roads leads to beautiful destination,

Overcome all hurdles, enjoy success and celebration.

Work hard and be persistent,

You will get success if your efforts are consistent.

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