In India we celebrate Karwa Chauth,
All women keep fast for their husband, they don’t know worth.

Women have been a symbol of sacrifice,
They are looked down upon, though they are wise.

Years have passed, they decorated the house,
But did not find their name, agony arouse.

Where do they belong to?
Father’s Day, husband’s house is for you.

Even after so many years of marriage, it’s his name,
The wife remains invisible, without fame.

It’s difficult to play the character of a female,
Working silently lovingly, not like a male.

She may not have contributed in terms of money,
But she spends her life working and saving every penny.

Who is she and what is her name?
No recognition, no applaud, it’s all the same.

Men were amazed to see her beauty and charm,
Now she is ill-treated, she suffers the harm.

She has raised your children with efforts best,
Getting up early, struggling to conquest.

She is Sita, who walked on fire,
She will not complain even if she has to lie down on the pyre.

She is brave like Meera and will, if needed, drink poison,
She will ease your life, never making it cumbersome.

God created this beauty, taking a lot of time,
But forgot to allot her some free time.

Today on this festival, men love her more,
Respect, support, smile, gift her for sure.

Your wife only needs some love and recognition,
She is docile and always ready for submission.