Kick start your life and reach the goal

It’s the push in your life that changes the role

Never ponder who hated or kicked you

Remember them as mentor for you

We often hesitate to gain what we want

Our old failures, stop us as we haunt

Remember it is your confidence which helps you going

You have to sail your boat so keep rowing

Everyday it’s the inner voice that you hear

Work harder with confidence and share

Beware of haters who push from goals

Strike hard and play your role

Never look back to see what you lost

With vigour work hard and host

You can never change your yesterday

But with efforts make your better today

All hardships are lessons taught

All players are winner when they fought

The one kick often triggers success

For all roads you will have an access

Never underestimate your strength

Swim all strokes to full length

People with conviction always win

Don’t be afraid of drowning you will swim

People who loose this one chance

They are not successful, the skills not enhance

Take steady steps and pave your way

Removing all hurdles in your path lay

Showering blessing in God’s way

Be positive choose the road lay

One day you will reap all that you sow

You will have all awards and accolades to show