There were puppies for sale,

Some red, white black with fur and tail.

All were beautiful and responded well,

Which one to buy it was difficult to tell?

Children gave heavy cost,

Pampered their pet with biscuit and toast.

Suddenly boy entered the shop,

With a smiling face and lively top.

He looked at all the dogs,

Unable to decide which one will be his throb,

Seeing a small cute puppy.

He was smiling and was very happy.

He walked near him and the dog wagged his tail.

As if to tell take me sir I will not fail.

How much will this cost?

Its for RS 100, but he is no good, all lost.

Curious I looked at the innocent dog like dove,

Who was waiting for me and my love

The salesman said he is lame and cannot run,

Son don’t buy you will have no fun.

I have very little money, I will pay,

Give me this innocent dog, I say.

He showed his caliper under his pant,

For years I have been lonely, run I can’t.

Together we will understand each other’s pain,

Our pairing will never go in vain.

Shopkeeper agreed my deal,

Probably he sensed my emotional feel.

I am a proud owner of my little dog.

We play together in this fog.

His name is destiny,

His love and loyalty is his testimony.

Do help people in need,

Innovate, control all your greed.

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