Read the stories of failures

It will teach you the technique of success saviours

The more you read their attempts

You will be encouraged no contempt

How they succeeded? why they failed?

With rowing against wind how they sailed?

What went bad, what went wrong?

They tried their best, sang their song

How they were bullied and criticized

Still they were adamant cutting their size

Best was their results did not ditter

No amount of mocking, could stir

They took their failure as first step to success

Not loosing their hope, nor their access

Life teaches us many lessons

With failure we learn more nothing lessens

Many times we fail in a row

 But we reattempt let people know

Failure should not change your goals

Change your strategy and your roles

Plan your milestones towards your target

Use different roads, with no regret

All successful people failed many times

As they did not stopped attempting so they shines

Some time wrong path teach us right

They show us the path with future bright

Remember we don’t fail, its just an event

When we tried to fix things but it had a bent

Learn from each attempt how to cope

Success is bound to come don’t loose hope.

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