We have come empty handed

But that does not keep us stranded

The life is full of riches and treasure

Taking care of our happiness and pleasure

Build your life brick by brick

With the success of life learns the trick

Never lower your self esteem

Learn from experience and worst you have seen

Don’t get your life toxicated

With stress in life you get suffocated

Overcome your lack of in discipline

Change bad habits it’s no sin

Be a citizen of today and leaders of tomorrow

Pledge to return what you had borrow

Increase your worth and organize your life

 Write a journal of life and how to survive

Work from the heart and listen to your brain

Condition your life and learn to train

Change into a better self

Be independent, don’t cry for help

Enjoy your life a giant cruise

Learning from failure and every bruise

With every sunrise have a burning desire

To achieve more, wear a dream attire

Button your clothes with goals fixed

Learn the clear steps to be achieved not mixed

Ensure you lead a purposeful life no waste

Make careful decision there is no haste


Deepen your roots and your capacities

Learn to explore, expand your abilities

Enjoy your life scenes as a director

Leave the world with a legacy of good character.

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