I saw my old School teacher in a mall,

I ran to see her, was about to fall.

I was seeing her after a decade,

She was my class teacher, sixth grade.

She was astonished to see me,

She could not recognize me.

Well, how can I help you? She asked,

I could not speak at first, was so surprised.

Teacher dear, I am your student of high school.

You always helped me you were so cool.

She looked bewildered and astonished,

Ma’am, you once saved me from being punished.

I had stolen a beautiful pen of my classmate,

It was very expensive was my estimate.

You asked us to close our eyes and face the wall,

You checked our pockets I quite recall.

When you found the pen in my pocket,

My heart started beating high as a rocket.

But you did not say a word,

And returned the pen to Edward.

Had you mentioned I were a thief,

I would have been ridiculed, living in grief.

You were my savior,

This incident changed my behavior.

She smiled and patted me,

I did not know you were the thief, you see.

Since I too had searched with eyes closed,

So the thief could not be disclosed.

I loved all my children and wanted them to grow,

Who had done it, never wanted to know.

Again a lesson was taught,

Change yourself even if you are NOT caught.

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