Life Account

In the journey of life

 Learn the technique to survive

Don’t allow people make too many withdrawals

Teach them the art to be loyal

Ensure there are deposits of love

Everyone should be caring like dove

Their trust should make fixed deposit

Their concern and care in their pocket

As you have a good fan following

You will have a treasure of love rolling

Every day you can count your account

Finding kindness and sharing amount

Beware of withdrawals in distress

Athletic Woman is ready for Punch Punching Bag. She’s Strong and Gorgeous Woman. They Workout in a Gym.

Learn to save and fight your stress

Do good to everyone as long term goal

Win the learnt in all your role

Keep check your life balance

It should not be negative at any chance

Your good with give you pay cheques

Always having positive gestures no threats

Remember you don’t announce you have treasure

Someone can hack your account, out of pleasure

So deposit EMI of good deeds take RD

You will be happy having moral FD

Caring sharing can increase every day

You will enjoy your property in every way

The motive of life is to serve the mankind

Be a special person, not easy to find

Live in present and build your future

According your good, making your nature

All good work in life you announce

See people follow you, your cheques should not bounce