Life is an exam, don’t copy, all have different paper

The covid has taught me a lesson,

Be happy with family, even with resources lessen.

Its a testing time for all,

How you bravely handle its your call.

We have to see our life as a question paper,

Trying to attempt all, some true, some false doesn’t matter.

After all we all have experience vast,

We have tackled problems fast.

Our problem is that we get worried about others,

Not realizing, their paper is different don’t bother.

Some get question, difficult in the beginning,

They get puzzled and have feeling sinking.

But if they have will power strong,

They can crack them, nothing will go wrong.

The easy ones will follow soon.

We can attempt and be on eighth moon.

Life teaches us one lesson perfect,

Its not being perfect its about effort.

You have to be odd to be number one,

Leave the evens for some.

Remember the best one will come back.

Don’t brood over set back.

Who is happy and what they have?

Its not your job to keep their account safe.

Budget your blessings with gratitude,

Spend them with smile and positive attitude.

 Cut your own grass and smile,

Who have greener, forget for a while.

You have to swim and get success in a row,

Only dead fish go with a flow.

Wait for your results after examination,

Remember all difficult roads have beautiful destination.