Live your life with simplicity,

Don’t get entangled in complexity.

Try to be transparent, live without pretending,

Love selflessly without depending.

Be patient and listen without defending,

Curate your words, speak without offending. 

Be kind to people, even the deaf can hear though he fears,

Your love can be felt, even the blind can see and hear.

Keep reading your life and edit as many times before you freeze.

Because every moment, is a chapter, your master piece.

Don’t pay heed and hurt against any rub,

Your mirror of life will be polished with every scrub.

Weak mind discuss people as frustration,

Wise man work on ideas and celebration.

Don’t brood about your past and read old chapter,

You will never complete your life book, be a new character.

Your stress is the way you respond,

Adjust your attitude and your problems are gone.

Don’t wait for any spot light,

Be a star with your own light all so bright.

Stop over thinking and just be calm,

Because we suffer more in imagination and lose our charm.

Crown yourself with patience and be quiet,

You will never be misquoted, no internal fight.

Don’t struggle with past as you can not change the beginning,

But with conscious effort you can change the ending.

Turn all your problems and pain into power,

You will get all success as you desire.

Everyday is a second chance,

Rectify your short comings and enhance.

Work hard in silence as your choice,

Let your success make some noise.

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