I live in an AC room

Cleaning with vacuum and fancy broom

I use air purifier to make it fresh

At times I suffocate, almost crash

Weekly I go to best of gym

We all do exercise her or him

Being a foodie I find many food stalls

Seeing the advt which stands so tall

Not forgetting to take my diet plan

Trying to starve as much as I can

My diet is full of medicines

I eat them regularly, just no sin

Of course I eat watching television

Asking child to finish HW and revision

Bread and magi is all in Tiffin

Also with some baked cake and muffin

I am astonished to see my child sick

How can I make her healthy tell me some trick

Listen dear you have to change your life

Go for walk in the morning with children and wife

Open the doors of your rooms, enjoy fresh air

Learn to use sunlight and nature’s care

The farmers are full of food all green

Cook the vegetables and get some sheen

A warm water with lemon is best to drink

Your children will be happy, no shrink

Enjoy the field to play outdoor

Learn the lessons from people poor

Do yoga, meditate and air you in hale

The body will be fine, it will not fail

God has blessed us with body healthy

With happiness and health, you will always be wealthy

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