Life is worth living

If you learn the art of giving

When you look back

Review experience you lack

Looking forward are new prospects

Explore all aspects

Moving sideways you find the truth

Which you did not realize as a youth

Exploring within you find your confidence

Give this quality always a residence

Be perfect in your own way

Don’t worry about what people have to say

Its for you to decide about love and hate

Both are four letter words, men has create

Embrace your enemies and friends

Again the six letter words, opposite in trends

With times you will learn to adjust with reason

You were not asking much, but to a wrong person

Hide your secrets in your deepest smile

Let people ponder for a while

At times you have to die a little

To be reborn, relearn, be settle

Gradually people will choose

Ready, they will not want to loose

When people cheat and hurt, don’t be sorry

Part them as chapter remove them as story

You may be tired of fighting

Never regret, what you imprint in writing

Dress up yourself and wear your smile

Pack all your remorse, in a file

Enjoy all moments in life, all season

Everything in life happens for a reason

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