I was frustrated with my shortcoming,

How to cope up was challenging.

Why am I not able to live like others?

This question always bothers.

As I walked questioning myself,

What should I do to help.

I saw a small toy car, in it a handsome man,

Carrying two children in his lap and wife alone.

The wife took out two steppers of plastic,

And helped her husband ease as elastic.

Oh, he was a limbless man,

Carrying his children in his van.

The family walked in confidence smiling,

I was witnessing this sight pondering.

Feeling ashamed of my gesture,

I was all praise for this disabled venture.

The wife was carrying the two kids,

Supporting and walking with husband no hardship.

The weather was good and lovely sunshine,

I planned my future fine.

If you are confident and happy with vision,

No one can deter you in your mission.

Focus on your aim and move ahead,

Stop complaining and avoid self-pity sad.

Nature helps people who believe in self,

They gain all success with no help.

Love yourself and bow down in gratitude,

God created you with an attitude.

Live your life full of generosity,

Create history with remarkable identity.