I was from a small city,

Born and brought up with self-pity.

Little knowing about the other world,

My exposure was minimum all so curled.

Somehow I got admission in metro city,

I was nervous, could not express, being polite no audacity.

Having my peer laughing at me,

I was scared of interacting free.

But I was sure of conquering my limitation,

Reading, learning was my aspiration.

Most of the time I was in the library,

Exploring, good books, noting expression, no more scary.

Days change to weeks and years,

Transforming me on my dressing, I wear.

Then came a time, when I had to anchor,

I rehearsed, my apprehension conquered.

As I walked towards the stage,

I saw few smiling face some in rage.

My Inner me told me speak without fear,

Backstage my teacher hugged me, who was very dear.

I was poised and calm,

In the beautiful outfit full of charm.

The internal conflict was very high,

I have to do it, I said with a deep sigh.

I walked with a cordless mike,

Nervous, quivering my BP was on hike.

I could feel the butterfly in my Stomach,

Thousands of audience staring at me as much.

I started on addressing my session,

Found myself good, is my true confession.

Words were meaningful and impressive for some,

Bewildered people applauded, I was number one.