Manage your Life

Manage your life and your time

Plan your goals don’t waste your time

Write your aim and work everyday

Focus to achieve, nothing to say

Everyday should be fruitful

All the work done be useful

Avoid all negative thoughts and distractions

Be positive and take some action

Fragment your goal into days

Pay no heed what people have to say

Everyday prepare a do-list

Tick each action, no haze, no mist

Powerful and full of action

Working carefully on each section

Learn to say no to people

Don’t be people pleaser, don’t be equal

At night give time to yourself

Be a loner take no help

Reflect on your daily routine

Redo what was not seen

Keep yourself away from social media

That’s the only productive idea

No ring, no tune, no message for a while

You can plan the next day schedule in a style

Planning Leads to better production

Goals are achieve with time reduction

Manage your time to be successful

Enjoy the work being less resentful

Stay away from people negative

You can progress with thoughts positive

Be happy be calm, add Go-getter

You can craft your life as perfect setter.