There is a maths park in my school

All teachers and children visit as a rule

The concepts add opportunities

Increasing the addition capabilities

The children jump and play

Learning maths in a simple way

The errors are now subtracted

The little angels are now attracted

There is a division of hurdles

When they play in muddy puddles

It fun to multiply in game

Now maths is easy, not the same

Now they know the area and Perimeter

Length, breadth is correct in meter

The angles have taught them vision

Developing concept, is their mission

The tangents teaches their strategies

Increasing their memory and energy

Sitting three sides of a triangle

They have become strong in every struggle

Up and down they play and factorize

Now they know to solve and categorize

Running long distance they know Infinity

What is the focus they know with dignity?

Some park is full of spark

Maths is all bright no more dark

All students learn to add values

They can subtract obstacles they knew

Learning concepts of geometry

Failing now will be a history