With the outset of monsoon,

            We start preparation soon.

We are worried the damage rain can cause,

            Lets water proof our room so leakage can pause.

See all cracks and cuts on walls,

            This will avoid seepage and water fall.

Check your basement and your stair,

            Oh! leakage can be a nightmare.

See no water collects on roof top,

            Clean all outlets which does the water stop.

With crevices all water can percolate,

            Wet roof, wet walls it creates.

Use corrective measures before its late,

            Do it in summer, for rains don’t wait.

Their alarm is a signal for you,

            Everyone is not lucky like you.

Their house is build every day,

            Though they plan it from summer may.

Donate your clothes, some rain coats,

            When you see such slums float.

The havoc created by floods,

            Seeing sight freezes our blood.

Lets not watch TV and sit,

            Contribute in the social cause, doing your bit.

The tides always come and go,

            But we see dead in a row.

If we disuse plastic and clean our drain,

            There would be no flooding when it rain.

No child will drown in man hole,            

Save our mother, we cannot console.

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