Morning Delight

When you get up in the morning

Fold you hands in gratitude, life is worth adoring

Forget all your past

Enjoy your present, and future vast

God have given you another chance

Live your life, enjoy and dance

Your attitude should be positive action

Determing right direction

Fly, run, crawl walk but keep Moving

Exhibit the strength you are having

Be an action hero, no more still

You will achieve if there is a will

Face all life challenges

Cutting all limits from various ranges

Use all the creature on this earth

Soon you will realize all your worth

Always be a lion in the sheep story

Let the people applaud your success glory

Never quit never give up

Run the race, even if you are runner up

Always be happy and wear a smile

Reflect your action, change for a while

Don’t compete with others

Improve your self and add your feathers

Syphon all evening from sun

Promise your self, and make a run

Nothing in life is impossible

Make efforts and make it possible

Every morning brings a ray of hope

Teaching you methods, how to cope.

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