I miss you, dear Mom, every day,

Remembering all the lullaby that you say.

You have gone to an unknown land,

People say it’s a fairly land.

I see you when the Sun rises everyday,

And remember you while watching the stars twinkling away.

You left me with a question why,

Oh Mother, you can never die.

I want to send some roses for you,

Hug you, kiss you for your love I knew.

You gave me all the love I wanted,

I took it all, taking it for granted.

You were like an Angel on Earth,

But I never realised your worth.

I can feel I can hear,

You hold my hand when I am in fear.

I was a proud girl as I had grown,

Having an Angel in my home, my Mother own.

You were my friend, you wanted me to be the best,

Always encouraging me to outshine the rest.

Mom, you would ever so gently straighten my entangled curl,

Why did you leave for the other world?

My bedroom now looks all so gloom,

Unable to clean, unable to broom.

The aroma in the kitchen is always missing these days,

I look at the empty table, as I remember your ways.

Without anyone’s blessings, I leave for office,

No one asks, have you eaten? No one’s losses.

There is silence everywhere, I find you nowhere,

When I return late, no scolding any, no stare.

I wish if life could once rewind,

I would hug you, kiss you, saying I am fine.

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