In this Orchestra of life

Listen to all the notes and survive

Every person will, play his own instruments

You listen to them, with positive comments

But the music of live have seven notes

Same your shades of life you wrote

So whether you string, unstring your sour

You have to learn and play a solo role

Each day be part of this magical music

Make your performance always unique

On this life stage all have to play

You have freedom to express and say

Be truthful and honest in your work

Working hard with no shirk

You will hear your performance resonate

Every corner shall Echo and captivate

Pay lighter but with expressions powerful

Every beat should be wonderful

Even if the notes are low or high

They should answer all the whys

Be sure your music is healing

Unveiling all your thoughts not concealing

Let it trigger all the emotional response

People of all the culture can sense

Enjoy the deep connection with every body

As it’s wired in brain and body

You can play the music as health healer

Let it be the sorrow concealer

Let the universe enjoy the power of music

And this will end threw emotions tragic

Love your role and communicate

It’s the only form people appreciate.

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