My grandpa was awesome,

But my Mother with him was quarrelsome.

Always distance she kept,

My poor Grandpa wept.

She wanted to send him away,

Even if a heavy amount she had to pay.

I want freedom, she mention,

My Father kept quiet, he had no intention.

The palatial house belonged to my Grandfather,

We all enjoyed luxury including mother.

All his savings were also used,

Buying personal gift, all misused.

Now his old age was a burden,

To leave him in an old age home was sudden.

My Grandpa heard it all as he was thirsty,

His wrinkled eyes were all so misty.

Next morning I went to him,

Not seeing him there I was so numb.

He left the house, it was his choice,

My mother was happy, she rejoiced.

Years passed by, I met a friend,

He took me home on a weekend.

As we sat down for dinner,

He laid a plate and went to the bungalow corner.

Curious I followed him to meet this person,

I saw an old man blessing him, I got so numb.

He was actually my Grandpa, living with him,

My friend had helped him as he was now an orphan.

I trembled, shivered and my voice choked,

Ashamed of our doing, my conscience mocked.

He hugged me and loved me as always,

I came home in remorse, repenting and clueless.

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