My life is my own

All that I have undergone is unknown

I have no regret in my life

Tried my best to survive

For I was born original

Why should I be a copy at funeral?

This Is My Life book

All chapters are meaningful have a look

There may be many errors in life’s line

But please don’t edit I am fine

I place between my dreams and reality

Many times I faced the cruelty

I may not be perfect in my attempts

But the transformation took place without contempt

There were many scary goals

I tried exchanging roles

I was pulled down by many

But I played deaf in rain and Sunny

Never did I reacted, only respond

I knew what to achieve what I was fond

I was never guilty of my past

Nor covered anxiety for future vast

I kept on trying with hope

Never loosing, alwaying trying to cope

I was inspired by many successful person

So I did my best with efforts awesome

Working hard I always persisted

Since efforts I insisted

Real life read all the lifelines and paragraph

Soon my signature will become My Autograph