My New Year Resolution

Say good bye to 2019

Welcome 2020 word made from sparkler firework light

Welcome the New Year 2020

Forget all the last year rough patches

Where you faced problem in batches

Immerse yourself in learning new

Our many dreams still in queue

Value yourself and your time

Stop people from distributing you

Be confident and use your voice

Allow yourself make your choice

Follow all your passion

Wearing new trends in fashion

Move out and travel and explore

Beating all stress and dancing on floor

Learn more about yourself

Talk to yourself, you need no help

Listen to your inner voice and your emotions

Move away from the crowed and commotions

Read your favorite book and eat your meal

Forgetting all suffering and your feel

Love all your enemy and haters

For they encouraged you to move, they are your creators

Working hard was always part of your life

Relax now, be happy to survive

Pace yourself, hold the goal rope

You can always achieve loose no hope

Be humble and always be polite

Helping people, making the future bright

Spend more time with your loved one

Feeling more energetic having some fun

Last but not least is live with compassion

Grow yourself, live with your passion

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