When I was young, I looked for a lonely corner,

And now I am old, I am alone with dishonor.

I enjoyed every moment of young life,

Now I have only memories to survive.

I was so scared of pimples and loved my dimples,

Now I tremble to see my body with wrinkle.

Every moment I had my hand in someone’s hand,

Now I look for support to lend me a hand.

When I cried in my young age, there were many to wipe my tears,

Now I cry everyday no one to wipe my tears, I am in fear.

I selected my best costume to be worn,

No one sees me now, my gown so old and torn.

Family On Cycle Ride In Countryside

I was the heart-throb of my parents and friends,

Now with BP and sugar, heart beat is high, no one to mend.

The glory of young age was very strong,

Now children always blame, I am wrong.

I ran, I climbed and took all risk,

Now I walk, trembling with my walking stick.

I always used to read first, the crisp and fresh newspaper,

Now I only get to read the crumpled paper.

What a life when you are strong and young,

All love you and your stories are sung.

In the old age all strings of the instrument are broken,

No one devotes time with you, you are shaken.

When young, it used to be so difficult to get up early,

In old age, we toss in bed sleep barely.

In our youth, we love to live freely without any tie,

In old age we wait for someone with a sigh.

But such is life that God created,

We all have to enjoy and suffer as is fated.

Make your life fruitful and meaningful,

Let old age be always joyful.

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